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ACCUPORTER acts as the exclusive sales- & marketing department for a number of non-competing Spanish producers, exporting goods to the Danish market.

Our Principals 

We are the exclusive representatives of a small selection of boutique Spanish producers, which in order to increase sales levels and profits, have chosen the Danish market as their export destination. In order to keep local focus and develop their domestic markets, the producers outsource all commercial export matters related to the Danish market to ACCUPORTER.

How it works

Thanks to our extensive network of importers, our experience and knowledge, the producers are able to sell directly to Danish retail & wholesaler importers, avoiding large corporations who bargain down the prices to non-benefitting levels. ACCUPORTER identifies potential clients, negotiates y conclude business on behalf of its principals. Furthermore, we handle all enquiries, orders etc. in connection to the Danish market, incl. marketing and PR matters.

Mutually beneficial

Outsourcing export operations to ACCUPORTER lets its principals maintain a strong focus on domestic markets, while on the export side, it helps avoid unnecessarily high costs of channelling sales through foreign intermediates. ACCUPORTER ensures total market transparancy and enables the producers to participate in jointly tailer-made market penetration strategies including choice of promoting channels. All essential parts of achieving the optimal results in export markets.